As a wedding photographer...

And as someone who planned her own large wedding, I have plenty of experience to go around when it comes to weddings! I've been able to see first hand how different types of weddings flow from start to finish. I've fallen in LOVE with smaller, intimate weddings. So much so that I've pivoted my business so I can serve this special group of like-minded individuals on their wedding day. If you're even remotely interested in the benefits of a smaller wedding, then keep reading... and don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions! I'm just an email away :)

Cutting Your Guest List

This can be an extremely arduous task when planning a wedding. Who comes? Who doesn't? "Well, if we invite your second cousin Frank, then we have to invite my second cousin Joelle..." and so on. Then comes the price of all the save the dates, invites, meals, table decor, drinks... the list goes on! Cutting your guest list will not only make things easier on your budget, but it will also make sure you're truly surrounded by the people that mean the MOST on one of the most special days of your lives.

A Slower Paced Day

I can't tell you how much this changes the vibe of the day and the MEMORIES you make. When you have a smaller wedding, there are less people to attend to, less running around, and a smaller space to set up meaning potentially less time for vendors! This creates an atmosphere that's more relaxed, giving you the incredible opportunity to be more present in every moment during your day - how special is that?!

You Can Get Creative

This might be one of my favorite things about intimate weddings. As a photographer, I love being able to create photos that are unique to you on your wedding day. Having a little more wiggle room on the big day can give us the time to seek out a truly gorgeous location for sunset photos or a couple more minutes for an especially intimate, grand getting ready/first look moment! Aside from photos, other ways to get creative include incorporating awe-inspiring decor or personalized gifts for guests (that you now have the budget for because you cut your guest list!)

Destination Wedding On Your Mind?

Having a smaller wedding leaves everything just a little bit more manageable making the idea of a dream destination wedding that much more feasible! Have you always wanted to get married in Greece? Or maybe the mountain ranges in Utah are more your speed? Go for it! With a smaller guest list and less moving parts, your day can be whatever you want it to be!

Easier to be Eco Friendly

A smaller wedding makes it easier to go green on your wedding day! By choosing items that are more sustainable, or having an option for guests to recycle, you can be sure you're doing your part to keep the earth clean. Sourcing local food, drink, floral, etc. is a great way to start! Need more help finding ways to keep your day green? Reach out to my friend and Sustainable Wedding Planner, Kallan at Realm Planning!

Shorter Timelines are OK

When planning an intimate wedding, you have every right to get things rolling if that feels better for you and your partner! There is no "correct" timeline for wedding planning so go with your gut and plan the day how YOU would like to. If you choose to wait two years? Perfect. If you want to do the dang thing and tie the knot in six month? Amazing. It's YOUR day to do when and how you choose!

These are just SOME of the reasons why intimate weddings are so amazing! Regardless of all the details, your wedding day is a celebration of the love between you and your partner. Our mission as your vendors should be to enhance that love in any way we know possible while listening to YOUR needs and what you'd like to takeaway from your day. More questions on how I approach weddings with my clients? Head over to my wedding page! Looking for amazing vendors to help bring your visions to life? I've got you covered! Start by visiting my vendor network page featuring a list of amazing local vendors I've worked with and love!

Best Wishes,


(Owner & Photographer at Jagger Rose Photography)