If you're planning a summer wedding, you've come to the right place!

Let Kaecey & Ryan's intimate wedding day be an example if you're looking to create a day that's lively, picture perfect, and close to home. It all started with getting ready photos in Kaecey's childhood home. We used their living room for photos because of it's large vaulted ceilings and windows. After everyone was ready, it was time for first looks and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. If you have the time, I always recommend a First Look, it gives you a special moment with your favorite people and creates time for some really memorable photos.

If you opt for a First Look, this means we have time to take Bride & Groom portraits before your ceremony. If you have a bridal party (Kaecey & Ryan did not) you can take these photos and all of your family photos before the ceremony as well! This flows really nicely into cocktail hour and reception because there isn't a huge chunk of time where you're missing and taking those photos post-ceremony. However, if you decide not to do a First Look, there are lots of ways to make your day flow nicely as well.

As guests get seated for the ceremony, I like to schedule a 30 minute break so you have time to rest, touch-up, and get ready for your big "I DO!" Then, it's ceremony time! Every ceremony is different and not everything always goes to plan - and that's OK! During Kaecey & Ryan's ceremony, Kaecey started walking down the aisle without her bouquet. As soon as she realized it, she stopped, her bestie ran and grabbed them, and the ceremony continued after everyone had a collective giggle. It's THESE unique moments that make your day memorable, so my biggest advice it to just go with the flowwww.

Now, it's time to partayyyy! You're married!

This time of day flows a bit different for every wedding. There's usually a cocktail hour followed by dinner, speeches, first dances and then dancing for all! If we're lucky, we also have some time scheduled to sneak the newlyweds away for some quick (usually 20-30 minutes) sunset portraits as well! These are usually client favorites, so I highly recommend fitting these in if you can!

As the evening winds down, it's always great to have your photographer capture a bit of the dancing (& a send off, if you have one planned). In my opinion, 30 minutes of dancing photos is all you need. After that, things can get a bit wild, sweaty, and not as photo worthy if you know what I mean. ;) You'll capture everything you want in that first 30 minutes, then the photographer can take off and you and your guests can enjoy the rest of the evening without being photographed.

All in all, I am in FULL support of you having the wedding day of your dreams, whatever that looks like. Extravagant, intimate, curated, simple, and everything in between. This is your day to celebrate with the people you love and your true love. Happy planning!!