Intimate, Adventurous & Engaged

What words describe love more? Ashley & Dan ventured into our downtown Stillwater studio on a blustery winter day ready to capture their love story in a way that was truly them - loving, intimate, and just-plain-gorgeous. I love working with couples like Ashley & Dan, their love for one another radiated in the way they spoke to and about each other and their chemistry was sweet and all encompassing.

They told the story of how they came to meet one another, which has become one of my favorite things to hear from couples. They said that Dan was a good friend of Ashley's sister, Anna, and Anna had made it very clear that Ashley was "off limits." We can all see how well that went, and aren't those some of the best love stories? Where, perhaps love wasn't expected to grow but neither party could stop it - how truly beautiful!

Before we journeyed to our final location, we walked just across the road to a favorite local spot. The historic Lowell Inn has the most beautiful, bright exterior and arched windows, and Ashley & Dan looked stunning as ever dancing and sharing an intimate moment. They're also really amazing at making it look like its not 15 degrees F outside! Kudos to you both! :)

From here, we ventured across the river to Wisconsin to visit another favorite spot of mine - a beautiful regional park nestled around a quaint fishing lake. We parked and walked over to the boat access, Ashley was still in her snow boots so as not to freeze her toes off.. and I, somehow, managed to pack my fingerless gloves... who even has fingerless gloves anymore? Me apparently.

The frozen lake was blanketed with fresh snow and the perimeter of the lake was protected by forests creating a beautiful setting for Ashley & Dan's famous dip pose and an array of other gorgeous photographs. The frigid wind whipped around us, but you can barely tell as Ashley & Dan were focused only on each other.

I am beyond excited and happy for these two as they look towards marriage and creating a life together. It's always an honor to capture love stories, but it's even more special when the couple is so evidently in love and are awesome, kind individuals on top of it. :) Congratulations to you both on your engagement and best wishes as you continue your life together. I wish you ALL the very best.