Planning Your Maternity Session


What is a maternity session?

A maternity session is photos of the mother-to-be during her pregnancy or shortly before giving birth and are meant to capture the beauty of the woman's body while she carries life! The photos typically feature the mother on her own, but can also include a partner, additional family/children, furry friends, etc.

When should I schedule my maternity session?

The typical timeframe is 28-36 weeks so we have a cute bump to photograph! We also don't necessarily want to shoot close to your delivery so soon-to-be-mama can still move around comfortably. It is, however, possible to photograph after that 36-week mark. Just know it may not be the most comfy. :)

What should I wear to my maternity session?

Anything that you're comfortable in! It can be tight, it can be flowy, it can have casual or classy, it can be colorful or just black or white. Depending on your session, you can also plan to bring a couple options to play around with! Bottom line is, we're here to celebrate your gorgeous body for giving the gift of life so try to find something that makes you feel YOU.

In-Studio or Outdoor Photos?

That's a wonderful question, and one I'm here to help with should you need guidance! However, this should also be determined by you and what you love! Think about what you'd like to do with the photos and what style would look best in that regard. Are you outdoorsy? Then let's hit up your favorite park! Are you more simplistic? Then maybe a simple cream backdrop is better for you! Keep in mind the following things when deciding where you'd like your maternity photos taken:

  • Where will I put these photos? An album, hanging on the wall, baby shower cards?
  • What represents ME? Am I a "chic, grab coffee in the city" type of gal, a "woodland sunset goddess" or a "modern & classy minimalist?"
  • What season will it be when I'm 28 - 36 weeks pregnant?
  • What clothes do I want to wear/where will that look best?
  • If you're not sure on any of the above, I'd recommend scrolling through Pinterest and seeing what you gravitate towards! Then go from there :)

How to Pose for Maternity Photos?

Don't even worry about it, gorgeous! I've got you covered! It is my job to make sure you're comfortable and also my job to pose you, tell you where to put your hands, and provide prompts for lifestyle/candid photos as well. I won't leave you hangin', I promise! :)

This is also a great opportunity to bring in props! I've included a few of my favorites below:

  • Flowers (make it personal, pick your favorites)
  • Your ultrasound photos
  • Kiddos (bring your other child(ren) along if you'd like to incorporate some family photos)
  • Custom signs ("welcome baby," "champ is getting a human," etc.)
  • Blanket/Baby Clothes/Baby Shoes
  • Furry Friend (in this case, be sure to bring a designated furry friend wrangler)

How many photos are included?

Great question! This is going to depend on how much time you decide to shoot for. Will you opt for a one hour or a two hour session, are you joining me for a designated styled mini session? All of these will result in a different quantity of photos in which I specify a minimum number you can expect.

How much does it cost?

Click here to view my collections and don't hesitate to reach out to see if I'm hosting or planning to host any styled mini sessions in the future! The studio photos shown in this article are from a styled mini session I did with floral from The Flower Girls!

When will I get the photos?

I work as diligently as possible, especially when it comes to maternity photos, as I want you to get your photos back before your baby arrives. My typical turnaround for clients is 2-4 weeks with that two week mark being the average.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Jagger Rose

(Owner & Photographer at Jagger Rose Photography)